The dashboard serves as a general overview on Once logged in, you can directly access the dashboard:

1. Main navigation

You can easily access the inbox, the comment list, the publisher and the analytics area. The comment list is available depending on the company-wide settings.

2. Assigned Tickets

In this part of the dashboard you can find all assigned tickets.

As soon as a ticket is assigned to you, it will look like this in the dashboard:

3. Assigned posts

You can find all the posts assigned to you that have not been approved yet:

4. Avatar

With one click on the avatar all personal information can be set:

You can directly access the profile settings, where all personal information can be edited. Through this drop-down menu you can also access the workspace settings and the help center. There is also a link to the current live status of

You can also activate or deactivate the keyboard shortcuts. With the last option "Logout" you can log out of

5. Workspaces

On the right side of the dashboard you will find all workspaces. From these you can directly access the inbox or the publisher of the workspace. In addition, new workspaces can be added with the "Create Workspace" button:

6. In-App Notifications

The bell icon at the top right of the dashboard displays all in-app notifications, the number here represents the number of unread notifications:

The notifications can be controlled granularly in the profile settings (bottom left with a click on the avatar) in the Account section under Notifications.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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