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Normally, posts from are transferred directly to Facebook at the time of publication and do not appear on Facebook beforehand.

If you want to advertise a post scheduled on or have other reasons why you want to have the post directly transferred to Facebook as a "pre-scheduled post", offers the function "pre-schedule on Facebook".

Note: This function appears only if the post is previously given the status "approved" on

With this option, the post will be transferred to Facebook as a scheduled post and will be saved on in the calendar.

🚨 Please note:

  • From the moment of the transfer, the post can only be edited on Facebook directly, but not on However, changes made directly on Facebook will be synced back to your calendar on Your calendar will always be up to date.

  • You can then schedule ads for this post directly on Facebook.

  • Facebook recommends publishing such posts at "odd" times (e.g. 19:03 instead of 19:00), as it can happen that the posts are not published correctly at "even" times. has no more influence on the publishing process if the post was previously transferred with "schedule on Facebook".

  • "Pre-schedule on Facebook" should only be used if you plan to add an ad budget to a post in advance on Facebook. Currently, there are sometimes problems with Facebook when it comes to the automatic publication of the post - unless absolutely necessary, Facebook advises against using the function.

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