Mentions can be created by typing an @ and then continuing with the name of the person or the name of the company you wish to mention. It is important to be highlighted, that mentions are sensitive to typos due to the API.

When commenting on Facebook as an example it looks like this:


  • Mentions from public pages in comments are possible. Suggestions are displayed while typing.

  • Mentions from private profiles are only possible if they have already left comments in the respective ticket. These profiles are also displayed as suggestions while typing.


  • Mentions are possible for profiles on Instagram. Suggestions are not displayed while typing, but the profile is linked in the preview and in the published comment.


  • Mentions for profiles in comments are also possible for Twitter. Suggestions for profiles are displayed while typing.


  • Mentions in comments are possible for company and university pages. Suggestions are also displayed while typing.

  • Mentions of user profiles in comments are not possible.

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