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What are templates?

With templates, prefabricated text modules or entire responses can be written in advance and then inserted directly into tickets as a response.

How do I use templates?

Templates can be inserted in any ticket when replying to a comment or message using the "Insert Template" button directly below the input field.

How do I create a new templates and edit existing ones?

New templates can be created in the settings in the Workspaces > Inbox area. There you will also find a list of all existing templates, which can be edited and deleted.

Create new template

Clicking the "Add template" button opens a pop-up window where a new template can be created.

Various placeholders can be inserted in the template. If the template is used, the corresponding information is automatically inserted for these placeholders.

The following placeholders are available here:

  • {{user_first_name}} - First name of the user to whom is replied

  • {{user_last_name}} - Last name of the user to whom is replied

  • {{admin_first_name}} - First name of the user

  • {{admin_last_name}} - Last name of the user

  • {{admin_initials}} - Initials of the user in capital letters

  • {{admin_initials_lower}} - Initials of the user in lower case letters

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