The inbox settings can be edited via the User icon -> Settings and then in the navigation bar under Workspaces -> Inbox.

Ticket deletion

This setting is useful for automatically deleting tickets after a specified period of time (e.g. for data protection reasons). The following settings for deleting tickets can be specified:

  • None: No tickets will be deleted in

  • Based on last interaction: If the last message/comment in a ticket exceeds a period of time freely selectable by months, the ticket will be deleted.

  • Based on creation: If the total age of the ticket from the first creation exceeds a period of time freely selectable by months, the ticket will be deleted.

Attention: As soon as a ticket is deleted, all associated statistics (e.g. interactions, community) for this ticket are also deleted. Tickets that have already been deleted cannot be restored.


This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE

In order that you can react faster to messages from your community, templates can be created. Here you have the following options:

  • Add new templates

  • Search already existing templates

  • Edit or delete templates

  • Export templates

Add a new template

To add new templates click the "Add template" button. After that you can set the title and text of the template.

Various placeholders can also be inserted into the text field, which e.g. automatically insert the name of the user (the person who wrote the comment) or the name of the admin (the person who used the template in a reply).

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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