Add new channels and users

To be able to publish posts in a channel must be added first. New channels can be added via the User icon -> Settings and then in the navigation bar under Workspaces -> General.

In the upper bar "Channels" must be selected, then a new channel can be added by clicking the "Add" button.

New users can also be added by switching to the "Team" section.

Create a new post

Once you have linked a channel to, you can select "Publisher" from the main navigation and create a new post.

Select channel

Then you can select the desired channel for which the post should be created.

When creating a post, it is only possible to select a single channel at first. Once the post is created, it is possible to duplicate and customize it on other channels.

Structure of the Post Composer

Date of publication

  • Scheduled: The post is still in planning and should not be published immediately

  • Publish now: The post will be published as soon as "Publish now" is clicked


For a scheduled post, you can define the date and time of publication or reminder.

Assigned to

Here you can select which user you want to assign the post to - if you don't select anyone, the post will automatically be assigned to yourself when you save or publish it.

Status (Release of the post)

  • Suggested: The post will not be published even if the scheduled time of publication is reached.

  • Approved: The entered publishing mode of the post is performed.

Publishing mode

  • Autopublish: Posts are automatically published at the time when the "Approved" status is selected.

  • Remind me: 10 minutes before the scheduled time of publication, the assigned user will receive a reminder.

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