In order to equip your team with the right permissions, does offer a couple of user roles with specific permissions.

What can I assign user roles for?

User roles can be assigned for both Inbox and Publisher separately:

Permissions in Inbox: Team members responsible for handling tickets and community management need the right permissions for the Inbox.

The article Inbox Permission Types has all the details.

Permissions in Publisher: Team members working with Publisher and responsible for content-creation need the right permissions here.

The article Publisher Permission Types has all the details.

In case team members are only responsible for one of the two areas, it is possible to assign no permissions for the other area. This way, the two areas are completely hidden for certain users – if desired.

In order to fine-tune the permissions even more, you can even assign these permissions at channel-level, allowing your team members to focus on specific channels. For example, it is possible to grant a certain user access to community-management on Facebook only.

Workspace manager

This option determines whether users have access to the workspace-settings. This means, that Workspace managers can access the client settings at any time and even change their own role. They can also add new channels, manage the team members

and reset access tokens of existing channels. It is not possible to assign settings permissions individually at channel level, they always apply for the whole Workspace.

Agency member
This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE

This is a feature for agencies, allowing their Admins to select, that certain users are employees of the agency. For non-members, agency-comments are not visible in the Activity Log.

What does permission to access Analytics mean?

The permission for accessing Analytics (statistics) can be granted for the whole workspace or on a per-channel level. This allows team members to see specific statistics for individual channels or to have full access to all statistics in the Analytics-section.

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