To add a new Twitter account, click on the User icon -> Settings and then in the navigation bar Workspaces -> General. Select Channels in the top bar and click Add.

After that you will be offered a list of social media platforms, select the channel type "Twitter" here:

If the Twitter account is a government entity, please follow the "Twitter account of a government entity" instructions prepared below.

Now click on "Authorize" and you will see a confirmation dialog from Twitter asking you to authorize Confirm this by clicking on "Authorize app".

After you are redirected back to, you will now see a list of Twitter accounts. Select the Twitter account you want to add and click "Add" to complete the process.

Twitter account of a government entitiy

If you would like to add a Twitter account of a government organization/entity, please check the following box:

An additional authorization step is required before this account can be added to After checking this box, please enter the Twitter username and the name of the entity and add a description of the organization. Finish this step by clicking "Request approval" to submit the request.

In the next step, we check the account and submit the request to Twitter for approval. From experience, this process can take a few days. As soon as the account has been approved by Twitter, we will contact you via support chat or email with the message that the account can now be added. Now you can add the account in and you don't need to check the box again.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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