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In order to promote a scheduled post on Facebook, it first needs to be planned and then needs to be pre-scheduled on in order for it to be transmitted to Facebook. For this purpose, the option "Pre-scheduling" needs to be selected when creating the post in Publisher.

Alternatively the post can be created directly on Facebook or in Facebook's Business Manager.

As soon as a scheduled post is saved and transmitted to Facebook (for more information on that please have a look at this article), you can open it directly on Facebook by clicking the "Open Scheduled Post" button in the top status bar of the post in Publisher:

Attention, in order to open it, you have to be logged into Facebook with an account, that has the required permissions on the respective Facebook page!

By clicking on the post's URL in the next step, the post will pop up and you will see the option to "boost" it further down on the page.

By clicking it another window will open, where you can promote the post and make additional settings for the ad.

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