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In the settings of your monitoring channel you can edit your keywords under the item "Keywords".

In the beginner mode you can specify keywords for which you would like to get results. You can choose whether a result must contain at least one or all of your keywords.

The capitalization of the keywords does not matter. You don't have to add multiple terms for different spellings. As an extreme example, the keyword "oBEn" finds the words "Oben", "OBEN", "oBeN" and "oben" and also all other combinations. For German umlauts, however, it is necessary to specify the other variant if desired: "Zürich" does not find "Zuerich".

If you write several words in a single field, then only this string will be found, no other words may be between these search words.

The following example searches for mentions of restaurants in Zurich, but excludes results for pizza:

Exclusion words help you to suppress unwanted results.

It is usually useful to review the results of your search after some time and refine any unwanted results by adding additional exclusion words.

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