Attention: Only interactions of the community TO a channel are shown here, but not the outgoing interactions of the channel to the community.


Here, the sum of all interactions is clearly displayed in a graph.


This graph focuses only on posts from your community. Posts are @mentions, Facebook community posts, private messages, and a user's first message to a WhatsApp channel.

Comments & Replies

All comments and replies to posts are displayed here graphically - multiple replies from the same user are also counted several times. Replies in private conversations are also taken into account


Shows how often the community has rated posts with "like".

On Facebook, "wow", "happy", "sad", "haha" and "love" are also included in the number of likes. On YouTube, dislikes are subtracted from likes.

Shares & Retweets

Shows how often a post or tweet is shared by fans - only posts written by a channel included in itself are counted here, not posts written by fans.

Short URL Clicks

This counts how often the community has clicked on links that have been shortened by a URL shortener. If you use a separate URL shortener for each channel, you can evaluate the clicks for each individual channel.

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