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In general, monitoring is used to screen social media platforms and the web for specific terms. A guide on how to define these keywords and to set up monitoring can be found in the following links:

In the Analytics section of, monitoring data is not available in all areas, as there are areas that represent statistics not applicable for monitoring. Below you will find an overview on which functions are offered:


  • The size of the community is not available, as the entire Internet can potentially be monitored.

  • The interactions are available, because interactions of the community with certain channel using specific terms are quantifiable.

  • Monitoring of users is available, as the number of people using a specific term can be counted.

  • Sentiments are available, because the mood of the community defined by the search term is measurable.

  • Analytics of the reach are not available, as the reach of a page using a search term cannot be measured.

Content & Tags

  • Posts are not available in that section, as the creation of posts for monitoring channels is not applicable.

  • Tags on the other hand are available, because the listed tickets/posts containing the search term can be tagged and therefore can also be monitored accordingly.


  • Tickets are available, as the number of tickets containing the chosen monitoring term is quantifiable.

  • Posts within the team section are not available, because the post creation is not possible for monitoring channels.

  • User statistics are available, because the number of tickets processed by your team containing the desired search terms are countable.

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