This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE. (For Basic plans the timeline is limited to one year )

Time period

Using the calendar in the upper left corner, you can set the period for which you want to retrieve the statistics. You can choose an individual time frame from the predefined time windows.


By clicking and dragging the graph to the left or right, you can fix the view to the selected period. For example, if you want to analyze the statistics of a whole year, you can use this function to quickly narrow down the period to analyze it more precisely.

With a click on the "reset zoom" button you can reset the view.

All channels of the client are listed below the graph. By clicking on the channel name, you can display the course of the data set (for example, interactions or growth) and compare it with other channels.

If you move the mouse over the curve, an evaluation is displayed for the respective day.


You can export the Analytics using the button in the upper right corner. The currently selected statistics for the specified period will be exported.

Sorting the table

By clicking on the headings of the tables you can sort them in ascending or descending order.


In selected views, you can filter the view by public/private tickets/posts.


In all post or ticket related Analytics the analysis can be refined by tags. In such cases, on the right, next to the date picker, you will find a drop-down menu that lists all the tags used.

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