In general, there are three ways to block users:

  • Blocking users directly on the respective social media platform

  • Blocking users in tickets (

  • Delete/hide user comments via automations (

⛔ Blocking users on

As far as the API of the respective social media platform allows, you can block users directly in tickets by hovering your mouse over the user's name and then clicking on "Block":

The advantage is that in the activity log the time of the blocking as well as the name of the team member, who blocked this user, is noted.

In the following social media channels it is possible to block users directly in the ticket:

  • Facebook (private conversations & comments)

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

Due to API limitations, it is unfortunately not possible to block users directly in tickets from the following channels:

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

📚 Automations

This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE

You can read a general introduction to the topic of "automations" in this article: Automations

In the automations you can choose between "Delete" and "Hide" certain keywords (i.e. usernames) by clicking on "Add action" at the bottom and then selecting the desired action:

  • Delete: the comment is not visible for the person or for other users

  • Hide: the comment is still visible for the person as well as for his friends

After that, enter the name of your automation (e.g.: Block users) and define to which content the deletion or hiding of users should be applied. Then you can also select the time frame of this automation, whether it should be always active or only active during or outside business hours. Next, add as keywords the usernames of the people whose posts you want to delete or hide and select complete match for the degree of the search:

Then click on "Add automation" and the automation or deletion/hiding of the user is considered complete.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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