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How much reach did my post get? How often was a post interacted with?

This graph shows the posts published in the set period, broken down into the respective post types. distinguishes between the following types:

  • Link

  • Photo

  • Text

  • Video


In this graph, you can see how often and in what ways people interact with posts published via We distinguish the following types of interaction:

  • Comment

  • Shared/Retweets

  • Like

  • Dislike

Note: Community interactions with posts from the included channels are displayed here.

Interaction rate

The interaction rate relativizes the absolute number of interactions with the size of the community. This value is calculated using this formula:

Interactions per day / number of fans * 100

Note: This graph does not show the percentage of the community that actively interacts with the posts. A user can interact several times with different posts, each interaction of this user is counted as an interaction.

Short Url Clicks

"Short URL Clicks" shows how many times a Short URL was clicked. We can only count these clicks for posts published via

We support and Google.

Post Reach

Post reach indicates how often a user was reached with a post. The reach is divided into organic and paid.

Note: Since the figures are only unique on a daily level, we do not recommend adding up the reach of individual posts!

For Twitter itself, we do not receive any data on reach. Nevertheless, in order to have a comparative value, we calculate the reach in this case as follows:

Followers + followers of "retweeters".

In the graph you can see the summed number of all posts for the respective day.


Here you can see how many of the posts published that day were paid or not paid.

This is currently only supported by Facebook.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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