Swat.io shines with its new design

We kept all features and adapted them partly, to improve your experience and make the usage more intuitive.

Here is an overview of the most important changes:

New terms

We changed some terms and made them more consistent:

  • Tickets โžก Inbox

  • Calendar โžก Publisher

  • Client โžก Workspace


You can find access to Settings now in the left lower corner, when clicking on your user avatar.

Inbox โ€“ Changes

  • Star: Tickets can be starred โญ๏ธ directly in the list now.

  • Comment count: We are showing the number of all comments and the number of unread comments for every ticket in the list view.

Ticket details โ€“ Changes

  • Ticket overview: Above the activity log you find now the ticket overview section.

  • Mark comments as read: You can easily mark all comments as read and will be made aware of newly fetched comments.

  • Block: With using mouse over on the user name you can block the user for a specific platform.

Publisher โ€“ Changes

  • Duplicate: Select a post and use duplicate feature in the actionbar.

  • Click and Double-click: Clicking on a post opens the preview, double-click opens the post.

  • Save-Button: In the composer we introduced a floating save button, which is visible all time.

Switch Workspace: If you are part of multiple workspaces, you can use the workspace switcher to change them. You can switch to another workspace when clicking onto the workspace-logo in the main navigation (above your user avatar).

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