Your payment failed? This article lists all necessary steps you need to take to keep your account working:

Do i have a grace period?

If a payment fails, there is a grace period of five days. If an admin logs in during this period, a message will be displayed indicating a failed payment.

If you press the option "Pay now" you will be redirected to the payment confirmation screen, where you can either reconfirm the payment or choose another payment method.

After pressing "Pay Now" again, the payment will be attempted again. Until the payment is received by us, the affected product is still going to be in the grace period.

As soon as we receive the payment, it will be displayed under Billing and Plan.

What happens if i cannot pay during the grace period?

If a product is not paid within the grace period, it will be blocked. Every time an admin logs into this will be pointed out accordingly:

Admins will have two options at their disposal:

– Go to Settings
This option takes the admin to the settings on

– Start Checkout
This option takes the admin to the billing and plan page where the blocked product can be reactivated or a new subscription plan can be created.

By pressing reactivate you will be redirected to the different subscriptions, here you can either repurchase the last used subscription or change it:

After selecting the appropriate subscription, you will be redirected to the billing and plan page to confirm the payment. After confirming the payment, the new subscription plan is confirmed again.

The product can then be used immediately after confirming the payment.

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