How does the trial period work?

The trial period provides all the features of the selected product, the features available depend on which plan has been selected for the trial period.

Only one test phase can be started for each of the products "Inbox" and "Publisher". It does not matter which subscription is selected.

If a trial period is still available for a product, it can be activated via the "Billing and Plan" page. The "Basic" and "Pro" tiers can be activated directly via For a trial period of the subscription "Enterprise" please contact our support-team.

If a trial phase is cancelled, it will be terminated immediately. Another test phase for the same product cannot be activated.

What happens after my Trial?

With the expiration of a test phase, two options can subsequently apply:

Your Trial ends and you have not added a payment option yet:
When the trial period ends and no payment method has been saved in, the product is set to inactive. In this phase, the product can be reactivated at any time via the "Billing and Plan" page. The channels already stored or tickets already created are not lost here, but cannot be accessed without a valid subscription.

Your trial ends and you have already added a payment option
If the trial period expires and payment details have already been entered into, you will automatically be charged for using the product for the first month. A corresponding message with the date and amount of the first automatic billing is displayed directly under the respective product:

We will inform you by email before your trial period is about to expire.

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