With Swat.io you can easily plan and upload videos to TikTok.

API limitation: TikTok posts cannot be published automatically due to API limitations. You need to finish publishing the video using the official TikTok mobile app.

The video planned in Swat.io is uploaded to your Tiktok account at the time scheduled in Swat.io. You will then receive a notification from the TikTok app on your phone about a new video that is ready to be published:

You can see the video ready for publishing in the activity feed within the TikTok app:

When you select this notification, you will be redirected to the TikTok editor. Here you can finalize your post and adjust the post settings.

Note that the text "#Swatio" is added to the video automatically by TikTok. You may adjust this text before publishing the post.

If you have included a text in your post, it will be sent to your Swat.io account email address at the time of the scheduled publication:

After copying and pasting your text, you can now publish your post on TikTok.

Once the video is published using the TikTok Mobile application, it will appear in your Swat.io Publisher. Note that due to API limitations, this sync happens based on textual similarity: in case you use a different text when publishing your post than the one originally planned on Swat.io, the published post will show as a duplicate in your Swat.io Publisher's calendar.

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