With Swat.io you can easily plan and upload videos to TikTok.

Please note: TikTok support is only available for Swat.io Publisher due to limitations of the TikTok API. Swat.io Inbox is not supported at the moment.

Additionally, there are limitations as to how posts can be published, all details about the publishing process on TikTok are explained in this article.

To add a new TikTok account, click on the User icon -> Settings and then in the navigation bar Workspaces -> General. Select Channels in the top bar and click Add.

After that you will be offered a list of social media platforms, select the channel type "TikTok" here.

If you are not logged in on tiktok.com in your browser already you will see this login prompt from TikTok:

Any one of those login methods can be used. If choosing to log in using the QR Code please make sure to scan the code from within the TikTok app.

After logging in successfully you will see the authorization prompt for connecting Swat.io with your TikTok account. After you authorize the connection, your account can be added to Swat.io:

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