Do you want to add more channels and users to your current plan? Or change the tier of your product to get the maximum of your social media management?

Upgrading can now be easily done in the application. All the changes are applied immediately. This feature can be found in the settings of under "Billing and Plan":

Upgrading channels and users

For adding or removing users and channels, you have to click the "manage" button here:

This will open a pop up that will show you the specific upgrades you are able to take as well as the additional price you have to pay for this upgrade:

By clicking the "+", you are able to add as many channels and users as you need. You can also remove users or channels in this step. Please note that Admins cannot reduce active users without first removing them from the Organization.

Upgrading your products

The same procedure goes for the upgrading of either the product Inbox or Publisher.

Under "Billing and Plan" you have to click the button "Change plan" in order to be able to upgrade the individual product:

Similar as with the channels and users, this will result in a pop up that will show you the different Upgrades you can take for your product. The tier needs to be changed for the Inbox and the Publisher individually.

You will be able to see here the different tiers, to see what features will be included and what the individual tier exists of, please click on "See full plan comparison".

Pro can be upgraded immediately by clicking the Confirm button. For Enterprise, the support team needs to be contacted.

After continuing you will be redirected to the "Billing and Plan" page, where you can finally confirm your upgrade. Here you will also find additional information such as what you are downgrading, the new costs or when the new payment is due.

Please note that the Organization will be charged a prorated amount for the upgrade that has been made. The full amount of the new upgraded plan will be due once the next billing cycle starts. In the meantime, the new upgraded plan as well as the user and channels are already available.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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