Do you want to remove channels, users or downgrade the tier of your plan? Downgrading can be easily done in the settings of under "Billing and Plan", where you can manage the number of users and channel or change the tier of your plan:

Downgrading channels and users

By clicking on the manage button you have the possibility to remove users or channels by clicking the "–" symbol. Please note that at least 1 user and 1 channel are always required and cannot be removed.

Downgrading the tier of your plan

By clicking on the change plan button you have the possibility to downgrade the tier of your plan. To see what features will be included and what the individual tier exists of, please click on "See full plan comparison". The tier needs to be changed for the Inbox and the Publisher individually.

After continuing you will be redirected to the "Billing and Plan" page, where you can finally confirm your downgrade. Here you will also find additional information such as what you are downgrading, the new costs or when the new payment is due.

Please note that the changes made are effective immediately and the reduced cost of the downgrade will be reflected in the next invoice issued.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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