Video file requirements

Reels published via can not exceed the special requirements of the Instagram Reels API.

  • File format: MOV, MP4, (MPEG-4 part 14)

  • Audio Code: AAC (Mono & Stereo)

  • Maximum audio sampling rate: 48khz

  • Video codec: HEVC, H264 (progressive video sampling & 4:2:0 chroma subsampling)

  • Frame rate: 23-60 frames per second

  • Maximum resolution: 1080x1920P (FHD)

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

  • Maximum video bitrate: 5Mbps

  • Maximum audio bitrate: 128kbps

  • Maximum running time: 15 minutes

  • Maximum file size: 1000Mb

If you differ from the defined requirements, the post cannot be published and a corresponding error message will be displayed in the activity log.

Possible types of captions

The following captions can be published via the Reels API.

  • Captions with text (maximum 2200 characters)

  • Captions with hashtags (maximum 2200 characters, 30 hashtags)

  • Captions with links (maximum 2200 characters, 30 hashtags, and 20 @-links.)

    Other functions within the Composer.

  • Share Reel in feed

  • Create thumbnail for reels

Reels Community-Managing

For published Reels, a ticket is created in the inbox, the following types of comments are currently imported here (no matter in which composition).

  • Comments with text characters

  • Comments with links

  • Comments with emojis

  • Comments with special characters

Reel Statistics & Reporting

Instagram provides us with the following data for Reels, which are then processed in

  • Community size data

  • Community interaction data

  • Comments data

  • Data on reach

  • Data about the post itself (e.g. likes)

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