This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE

With the help of this feature, tickets and comments can be forwarded to people without access.

The received e-mail can be replied to directly, this reply in turn is then displayed in the activity log.

How to forward a ticket or comment

To forward an entire ticket, use the "Forward" button in the action bar at the top of the ticket. If you want to forward only one comment, you have to use the "Forward" button directly at the comment.

Then enter the email address of the recipients; a comment or ticket can be forwarded to up to five people at once.

Reply via e-mail

You can reply to the received ticket or comment directly via e-mail.


It is possible to send a file as an attachment. The following limitations apply:

  • max. one file

  • 10 MB maximum

The following formats are supported:

  • Images

  • Videos

  • PDFs

  • GIFs

How do I know that an email has been forwarded and where do I see the replies?

This information can be found in the activity log. You can see to whom which comment or ticket was forwarded, as well as the recipient's reply, including the attachment of the e-mail, if any.

What permissions do users need in to forward emails?

In order to forward emails, one needs the permission "complete" or "completely assigned". In the latter case, the ticket must be assigned to the user so that it can be forwarded.

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