The activity log for a new post is available only after the post has been saved for the first time!

The activity log gives you and your team the ability to keep track of the creation of a post, coordinate the creation of the post, and share ideas. In addition, the activity log also notes the error messages that indicate why the publication of a post did not work (more on this later).

You can find the activity log to the right of the post composer:

Among other things, you can find information about when the post was created, who suggested and approved the post, and when the post was published.

Note: Posts that were not published via are noted as "The post was imported". This means that it is unfortunately not possible to track who published the post.

The following functions are available in the activity log:

  • Leaving notes (emoji are supported! 🌈 )

  • Linking of colleagues using @username

  • Uploading files

Also, here you have the option to choose between three views in the activity log by selecting either "All activities", "Notes only" or "Events only":

⛅ Imported changes

Although it is not possible to edit already published posts via, the changes made to the post directly on the respective social media platform are transferred to These edits are displayed in the activity log as "Imported changes for this post":

Now it is of course interesting to know which changes are involved. To see them, please click on "Show Details" and you will see the changes:

Here you can see, among other things, the changes in the text, image files and links.

🔺 Error messages

As soon as the publication of a post has failed, an error message is created in the activity log:

If you now correct the given error and publish the post again, the post should be published successfully and noted in the activity log as "Username published the post".

If an error message is not clear, do not hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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