In order to assign tags to a certain post, the first step is to open the post in the publisher. On the top left of the menu bar you can find the "Tags" button:

Clicking on "Tags" will open the following drop-down menu:

There you can directly create new tags or look up already created tags. Additionally the most frequently used tags are displayed. As you can see above, there are various tags already displayed and some have been selected (yellow). Once a tag is selected, it will appear in the post itself, in Publisher and the tagged post can be looked up quickly using the tag-search.

Inbox / Tickets

Tags can even be assigned to individual tickets. Therefore the button can be found in the menu bar of the ticket details. The steps to follow are exactly the same as the tag assignment in Publisher. The selected tags are then also visible in the Inbox on each tagged ticket.

In the ticket details you can find the tags on the right side:


This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE

In addition, individual users can also be tagged on To do so, click on the name of the user in any ticket. The user overview will then open and you will be able to select or create a certain tag:

By clicking on the dropdown menu "User-Tags" you can select a tag or create and save a new one by using your keyboard.

By clicking on the "X" in any assigned tag itself, the tag can be removed again.


All posts and tickets tagged can be found in the analytics section under "Tags". There you can see how often a certain tag was assigned and a distinction between tagged posts and tagged tickets can be selected.

By hovering over the bars, you can see the actual count of each tag. That way, the progress of the tagged posts and tickets can be displayed over a certain selected period of time and it can be compared with other channels.

These statistics might be particularly helpful, in order to evaluate campaigns in a simple way as an example.

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