This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE

Action bar

  • Assign: Assign the ticket to a team member.

  • Tags: Choose from existing tags or create a new tag and assign it to the ticket.

  • *Forward: Use this button to forward the ticket to people without access. Here you can find information about this feature.

  • Star: To mark a ticket. It will then be listed in the list with the ticket status "Starred", regardless of whether it is archived or not.

  • Mute: Mutes the ticket. It will not be reopened for new comments, nor will it send out notifications of new comments.

  • Archive: Archives the ticket.
    Alternative: Reopen: Opens the ticket, it reappears in the inbox or in the "assigned to me" section if it is assigned to a person.

In the side area on the right you will find general information about the ticket:

  • the time that has passed since the ticket was last archived

  • the number of comments (this includes deleted/hidden comments)

  • the last activity to the outside - internal activities like assignments to users or notes in the activity log are not considered here

Ticket-ID and channel info

Each ticket gets a unique ID number, which makes the ticket identifiable. Below the ticket ID is the name of the channel.

Attention: If an internal channel name has been selected, the respective name will be displayed.

Original post

In addition to the name of the channel, a timestamp is also displayed - this links directly to the associated post on the respective social media platform.


For each comment, the name of the user, the profile picture and a timestamp are displayed. Clicking on the timestamp takes you directly to the corresponding comment on the respective social media platform.

The comments are numbered chronologically. Subordinate comments are numbered with ., for example, second level comments to comment #2 are numbered with #2.1, #2.2, etc.

Below the comment number there are smileys, by which you can rate the mood of the comment. An evaluation of all ratings can be found in the user's profile, which can be accessed by clicking on the user's name.

At the bottom of each comment you will find a bar with various options for action (the availability of the individual options varies depending on the social media platform):

  • Reply: Reply directly to the comment

  • Retweet: To retweet the comment quickly

  • Like: For Facebook/Twitter, to like the comment

  • Forward: To forward a comment and its replies to external people

  • Hide: To hide the comment

  • Delete: Removes the comment

Under "More actions" there are further actions depending on the platform, such as the possibility to block a user.

Activity Log

The activity log in the sidebar on the right logs all activities of the ticket.

  • when it was archived

  • by whom it was archived

  • when the ticket was reopened

  • why it was reopened

  • which team member replied to which comment

  • if a comment was deleted/hidden

  • who deleted/hid the comment

  • if a user was blocked

  • if the post was hidden

  • who has hidden the post

  • if the post was highlighted

  • by whom the post was highlighted

  • assignments to team members

  • comments that were automatically hidden due to a filter

  • if and which comment or ticket was forwarded and to whom

If you move the mouse cursor over the timestamp, the exact date and time of the respective action will appear.

Furthermore, the log is also intended for internal communication. In addition to general notes on the ticket, team members can also be tagged in comments via @mention, and important comments can be linked via #comment number or a file can be uploaded.

The drop-down menu can be used to filter the log so that only events or notes are displayed.

* This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans, you can find detailed information about the pricing HERE

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