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Automations are working steps which you can define on social media content in your channels based on keyword searches, allowing you to run recurring working steps and making your workflows easier and more efficient.

You can manage automations via User Icon -> Settings -> Inbox -> Channels for each of your channels and also add new ones:

Here you can find an overview of all existing automations for this channel. You can change the order of the automations by drag-and-drop. Please note that the order of the automations is important, since some actions (such as "Delete") mean that subsequent automations can no longer be executed.

On the right side you can edit, delete and activate/deactivate existing automations.

In this example, the first automation is active, the second is deactivated.

Add a new automation

Therefore, select the channel for which you want to create an automation and click on the "Add Automation" button. This will create a new automation:

Now you can set a name for your automation.

Automations can be applied to depending on the type of content:

  • All content

  • Only public content (but no private messages)

  • Only posts (but no private messages and comments)

  • Only comments (but no private messages and posts)

  • Only private messages (but no posts and comments)

Then you can specify whether your automation should always be active, only during the office hours of the channel or only outside office hours. Please note that business hours always refer to all automations of a channel, business hours cannot be set for each automation individually.

Next you can define certain keywords, which will be triggering the automation: Enter the desired term and confirm it by pressing "Enter"

With the keyword * you specify that the automation should be applied to all content.

The keywords are also searched in usernames and @handles.

Keywords are found regardless of their capitalization, the keyword coffee finds Coffee / coffee / coFfEe / etc..

There are three types of keyword search you can choose between:

  • Complete match: the word coffee is found only if it matches the entire content

  • Partial match: coffee then also finds coffeehouse or coffeemaker

  • One word match: only the word coffee is found

Add actions to your automation

Now you can specify which work steps should be executed, whereby you can specify several work steps.

Actions available for all channels (incl. monitoring)

  • Suggest action: this function is AI-based and suggests an action above a specified match level

  • Notify (here you can find an explanation on the notification settings)

  • Mark as read (this cannot be combined with assign users)

  • Assign a specific user from your team (this cannot be combined with mark as read)

  • Ticket mit Stern markieren: hebt das Ticket mit der Stern-Funktion hervor

  • Set modd: assigns positive/neutral/negative sentiment for the comment

  • Add tag(s): marks the ticket with the selected tag(s)

Additional actions available for Facebook channels

  • Like

  • Hide (the comment is hidden but not deleted)

  • Delete (the comment will be irrevocably deleted)

Additional actions available for Instagram channels

  • Hide (the comment is hidden but not deleted)

  • Delete (the comment will be irrevocably deleted)

Additional actions available for Youtube channels

  • Hide (the comment is hidden but not deleted)

Additional actions available for LinkedIn channels

  • Like

Recording of executed automations

You can always track which automations have been executed for your content.

Whenever an automation is executed, the associated post/comment or private message in the ticket view gets a 🤖 robot icon.

If you hover your mouse over this icon, you will see a detailed list of all automations and the actions they contain.

You can also see the keyword that triggered the automation by match.

This way you can check at any time if your automation is working as desired and also track at any time which actions were set automatically.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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