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View in Ticket-Inbox:

The content of the e-mail is displayed in full in the ticket view. In the ticket itself, you can directly reply to each e-mail:

Additionally in each ticket you can see the name, the email address and selected the mood for the sender's previous comments, when hovering the mouse cursor on the username:

Tickets for e-mails are created on a subject level, which means that unlike other channels in, a new ticket is created for each new email conversation with a particular user. If a user sends multiple e-mails with different subjects, multiple tickets will be created.

In order to identify the subject of each email request, the subject is displayed in the first line in bold:

The following functions are supported for e-mails:

  • answer

  • forward

  • archive

  • assign to

  • tags

  • star (mark)

  • mute

  • re-open

  • translate

  • internal activity-feed

  • mood

  • templates

  • export


In case incoming e-mails contain attachments, these are displayed in the ticket, but there are different limits for receiving and for sending attachments

Limitations for attachments when receiving e-mails:

  • Size: depends on the e-mail-provider

  • All file types the e-mail-provider supports are supported

  • No limit on the number of attachments. All attachments are displayed

Limitations for attachments when sending e-mails via

  • Size: 8mb

  • Supported file types: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, zip

  • Only one attachment is allowed

That information can also be found, when clicking on the attachment icon:

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team either via chat or via!

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